Appeal to community & businesses


The Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association [KHBA] is making an appeal for assistance from business and the community in Hillcrest. Contact Further information on

Following KHBA’s 14 years of successful operation in maintaining a pristine environment in Hillcrest it now finds that its financial situation has become severely constrained. This situation dates back to 2018 and is due to the cessation of funding from municipal contracts worth some R30 000 per month.

This cessation of funds has resulted in KHBA having to utilise its accumulated savings to cover the shortfall of R3000 per month, which is unsustainable. The result is the real possibility of having to cease operations undertaken by KHBA.

In addition our other sources of income – viz. fees for recyclables – [predominantly paper, cardboard and glass] – have been reduced by up to 80% in some instances – this due to a glut of recyclables worldwide.

We are so grateful to our 5 sponsors and one Adopt-a-Spot who contribute every month to KHBA – but now we earnestly appeal to businesses who desire the continuation of KHBA’s mandate of beautifying the area to everyone’s benefit, to please consider sponsoring us.

An amount of R500 per month from 6 businesses would cover the shortfall.

We rely on and thank you for your support, without which we will be unable to continue. [Note – we are an NPO 055-202 and as such can issue a tax 18A certificate.]


Please help us! If you are willing to do so contact Marge Mitchell on 083 419 3807 to facilitate your sponsorship.

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