2019 – 2020 Winter Verge Winner – Sunshine Valley Complex

“Each winter the Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association scouts the verges of properties in Hillcrest. There are many homes and complexes that take great pride in beautifying their verge but our Winter Winner this year has gone the extra mile. The Sunshine Valley complex has through the initiative of Faith Mulligan and the residents of Sunshine Valley beautified the verge OPPOSITE the complex entrance. The gardener Nicholas Mkhize, who has a great interest in gardening, has beautified the verge, and it is a testament to his dedication, as it is not an easy verge to plant up.

Thanks go once again to Richden’s Spar’s Marc Anderson who presented Nicholas with a generous hamper.

Maggie Fleming who has the “Verge Award” portfolio, handed a Certificate of Recognition to Faith Mulligan on behalf of the Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association.”

In photo from L to R: Marc Anderson, Faith Mulligan, Maggie Fleming and Nicholas Mkhize.

20190711 winter Faith Mulligan Nicholas Mkhize Sunshine Valley (8)

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