Verge award for winter for 2018 – 2019 year

Springside road runs parallel to the rail line through Hillcrest – I have been told that the road was the original site of the rail  – but not too sure – maybe some historian can enlighten me.

At 45 Springside road the late Fred Mason had a vision to beautify the rail reserve and this he has done for many decades. His wife Lindsay with the help of Michael Dlamini keep the area looking beautiful in his memory. The grass is mowed and the indigenous succulents adorn the area. It is beautiful.

Maggie Fleming and Barbara Fourie are the committee members who choose  worthy  verges and they are to be thanked for scouting the area and finding a worthy winner of the Winter Verge.

The Association is also so grateful to Richdens Spar which regularly and kindly donates a very generous hamper for the winning gardener. Thank you to Deon Langlois.

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area and thank the residents who work so tirelessly to keep the verges outside their property beautiful. Thank you.

2019 winter verge winner (5)

Maggie Fleming, Lindsay Mason, Barbara Fourie, Michael Dlamini and Deon Langlois.


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