Kind hearted and generous – thank you Stuart

In March this year two young people were captured on the CCTV dumping a broken orange chair – hideous – and numerous boxes filled with garden rubbish as well as a bag of foam rubber chips at the Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association recycling site in Delamore road . This illegal dumping article was recently published in the Highway Mail.
As a result of the article a gentleman by the name of Stuart Cumming kindly offered to remove the chair and the rubbish for free and gratis and take it to the Mariannhill landfill site. This he did on Saturday 12 05 2018.
The volunteers of the Association who work tirelessly for the greater beauty of Hillcrest are so grateful to Stuart and his generous act. This restores our faith in humanity. We thank the mostly responsible and considerate recyclers for respecting the recycling site. As the trite saying goes, there’s always one who spoils it for the others.
Many thanks Stuart.
20180308 illegal dumping (8)


2018 May Stuart Cumming & Vukani Cele

Stuart Cumming and Vukani Cele removing the offending chair

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