The roads/streets that are maintained by KHBA’s Zuki and Song

Zukisane and Songezile Nathaza are employed by the Association and they work hard at maintaining roads and streets in Hillcrest.

They have been in employment for 9 years and 3 years respectively and are reliable, hardworking and dedicated. For whatever reasons maintenance of roads and streets is intermittent at best and if we wish to live in an appealing environment then it is necessary at times to “do it yourself”.

The arguments against this philosophy is “I pay rates so why should I help”. There can be no logical reply to that – it just means a change in mindset – and getting on as a community to make the best of our surroundings – to the benefit of all.

Next time you see Zuki and Song why not buy them a cool-drink or some such – to show your appreciation for their hard work.

If you are moved to contribute please contact our Treasurer Jean Jooste at 082 895 0540.

Alternatively visit our webpage to download the bank details.

Thank you in appreciation.


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