Hillcrest Bowling Club to host a bowls competition in aid of funds for Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association

It is an exciting event to be held on Sunday 20 11 2016, planned by the Hillcrest Bowling Club in aid of funds for the Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association, [KHBA]. Thank you to all the committee members of KHBA who are working hard at gathering prizes for the day and a HUGE thank you to the businesses and private individuals who have been more than generous with their sponsorship.


Acknowledgment of all our wonderful sponsors will be posted on our webpage.

Jean Jooste and Warren Ozard have erected a distinctive display to highlight the efforts of KHBA in the area that we live, and work in and visit. A special acknowledgement of and thanks to Miles Steenhuisen who donated the plants for the display.


The display is to emphasize the difference made by KHBA in our area, with  even the dog displaying her disapproval of the unkempt site.

KHBA hereby hopes to encourage membership of KHBA. Your subscription of R50 p.a. will ensure the sustainability of the Association and will result in the continued beautification of the environment that we all enjoy.

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