Dog Walk at Summerveld on 24 April 2016

A most successful day was held at Summerveld grounds – thanks to Gold Circle for the use of the venue.

The 24 th was the most beautiful sunny day and a good time was had by all.

Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association’s Maggie Fleming arranged a most successful 10th birthday event in the form of a Dog Walk at Summerveld.

Thanks to the committee of KHBA for their help. A special thank you to Suzanne Vorster who designed the advertising poster.

Of interest was the demonstration by Debbie Kuhn showing the socialization and obedience training of dogs as young as 5 months.

Maria Walker of the German Shepherd Club demonstrated the protection  capabilities of the German Shepherd – not a dog you would want to encounter if you were a criminal.

Refreshments were served by the German Shepherd Club committee members.

Maggie arranged a 5 km and 2 km walk and this was enjoyed by owners and their dogs.

Thanks to all the businesses that donated generous prizes awarded to dogs. In the next blog the donors names will be mentioned – I do not have them at time of writing. As usual the response from the business community was more than generous – MANY THANKS!!


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