Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association AGM 2014

agm 2014 --

Proteas from Jean’s garden!

agm  2014 - agm 2014 -=== AGM 2014

The 8th Annual General Meeting was held on 7 August 2014 in the Hillcrest library hall. It was held in the morning at 10 a.m. as an experiment – previously the meetings had been held in the evenings.

It was a successful experiment as it was very well attended – but this could also be because we had an excellent speaker – Paolo Candotti. He is Chairman of the Kloof Conservancy and his talk was educational, interesting and enlightening. Paolo stressed that we have such a wealth of fauna and flora indigenous to South Africa and our area in particular is rich in diversity.

It was most interesting that the press printed an article the next day regarding the legitimate fine of R5 million that could be imposed on homeowners who do not declare the Invasive Alien Plants [IAP’s] on their property when selling.

South Africa has such a varietyof indigenous plants that we are urged to remove the IAP’s and plant “local”.

“Local is lekker” it is said!





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