Newsletter no. 2 – December 2013
Fax: 031 765 1046

Bank details: Standard Bank,
Account no. 25 661 876 3
Branch code: 045 726 00

NPO 055-202 Est. 2006


KZN Garden Of The Year
We are delighted for Miles Steenhuisen, of Mass Grow Landscapes, that his magnificent garden in West Riding won this prestigious award for 2013 – very much deserved. Miles has been of enormous help to our Association over the years and has also Adopted the Spot at Exit 28 off the M13 into Hillcrest on the right hand side – an official approved sign to be placed there shortly. Miles is also responsible for the landscaping of the new Caltex Garage gardens on the left hand side.
Old Main Road Caltex Garage
Sadly this garage continues to ignore the Municipal Bye-laws and has made no effort to replace the trees which he illegally felled. There have been several demonstrations at this site to express the public’s dis-satisfaction with the illegal approach of the new owner.
Ethekwini Municipality ‘Mayors Award’
Jenny Loughlin – Kassier Road Project, has scooped this award from the Planning and Climate Protection Department for her exceptionally hard work in clearing Kassier Road of its many invasive aliens and much more. Jenny has been utilising KHBA’s two gardeners – brothers Nicholas and Zuki Nothoza – and between them a great deal has been achieved. We warmly congratulate Jenny!
Hillcrest Motors – Shell Garage
The Douthwaite’s, owners of this garage opposite the Heritage Market, have started a wonderful initiative of a TV Screen at their garage – which you may look at whilst you put petrol into your car. They recently held a forum at which many safety features were explained which the public should adhere to whilst refuelling – all of which are detailed on their screen. You will also see photographs of the work KHBA do. Do please support them, their forecourt service is outstanding asis their indigenous verge planting.
Web Page –
May I remind you to log on to our web page – we endeavor to update this regularly – lots of new stories and pictures.
Rail Reserve Walk
There will be no Rail Reserve Walk in January – we shall keep you updated. If you have not already paid your subs, see bank details above, a donation would be much appreciated!

2013 – 2014 COMMITTEE: Dawn Brown [PR] 084 307 7404; Jean Jooste [Treasurer] 082 895 0540;
Marge Mitchell [Chairman] 083 419 3807; Marilyn Bell [Secretary] 082 574 5112; Barbara Fourie [Vice-Chairman] 082 479 2632; Maggie Fleming 082 654 7306; Heidi Boyd 071 193 2218; Jenny Power 082 770 5584; Eunice Barendse 072 244 8852;
Steven Waddy 078 831 1016; Margaret Vorwerg 082 338 9435

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