November 2013 newsletter






                                                                  NOVEMBER 2013 NEWSLETTER


This is my first attempt at a Newsletter for all our lovely members/supporters (some of whom have not yet paid their 2013 subs – please note our Bank Details for your R30!).

Caltex Old Main Road Tree Felling

This has been a disaster and broken many hearts.  The trees were indigenous and over 50 years old – thank you to those who wrote to us in their dismay and shock.  KHBA considered having a tree planting ceremony there but we believe and hope that the new owner is planning some landscaping.

Adopt A Spot

We are very thrilled that Richard and Jenny Barker of Heritage Motors on Old Main Road and Miles and Michelle Steenhuisen  of Mass Landscapes have “adopted a spot” which they undertake to care for and landscape. Hillcrest Primary School  Environmental Group have also “adopted” the Library Gardens – a wonderful school effort, perhaps more schools will consider doing similar?  You will note the beautiful red roses on the verge of the Engen Garage, and Miles has planted the right hand side of the Exit 28 entrance into Hillcrest with beautiful indigenous flora.  We patiently await final approval from Ethekwini Signs Department before we may erect signs to this effect.

Rail Reserve Walk

KHBA have been running with this for sometime now – 9am on the first Sunday of every month, meeting at the Station Master’s Arms.  We are a little sad that our numbers are down and urge you to stretch your legs and come for a short plus minus 5 km walk/amble whilst the most knowledgeable Wilbur Mahlamvu ellightens you to the names of the trees and plants.  Watch the press for details.

Web Site –

Please check our Web Site and read about all the goings on connected with KHBA – it seems this is the way to go to spread the news.  And if you have any comments feel free to blog us!

Thank you for reading this!

Dawn Brown – PR for KHBA – o31 7014552 / 084 3077404


2013 – 2014 COMMITTEE: Dawn Brown [PR] 084 307 7404; Jean Jooste [Treasurer] 082 895 0540;

Marge Mitchell [Chairman] 083 419 3807; Marilyn Bell [Secretary] 082 574 5112; Barbara Fourie [Vice-Chairman] 082 479 2632; Maggie Fleming 082 654 7306; Heidi Boyd 071 193 2218; Jenny Power 082 770 5584; Eunice Barendse 072 244 8852;

Steven Waddy 078 831 1016; Margaret Vorwerg 082 338 9435



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